We all have various ways of expressing our love to God and worship is one of the most authentic acts of attributing reverent honour and homage to Him. We have created platforms for all to give their fullest expression in a way that they know best.

Digital Tracks

We have music files that are freely available to all for their enjoyment in church, at home, with friends and at work. 

The digital songs are categorised to suit the listeners language and genre preference. Listeners can share the experience with others and even email us with their versions of the songs.

Recording Studio

Singing in the shower is one of people’s most favourite private concerts and while that may be enjoyable, others prefer recording their singing experience.

ACCSA has access to a recording studio facility which will assist in promoting local music talent and giving them the platform to have their talent heard. We aim to make local, original, Christian music available digitally to be used and shared.


There is nothing more exciting than moments of fellowship with people who love to worship and are not afraid to lift their voices in full adoration of Christ.

ACCSA has committed to creating concerts that will bring people together to an evening of worship and enjoyment. Our concerts are for families and churches to unite in praise and gratitude for the goodness of the Lord.

The Opportunity Hub

Our organization is for and by our communities and hence we are committed to conceptualising platforms and opportunities that will make worship material more accessible.

One of our exciting goals is to create a platform for an annual original music competition to help unleash the talent in our communities. We also welcome suggestions and ideas from all those who are enthusiastic about using worship as a tool of expressing our love for God and for each other.