Church Resources


Running effective and efficient organizations starts with the foundations of establishing the right systems. We support the use of administrative resources and hence we have freely made available administrative resources for all those who wish to make use of them.

Church Policies

We are working on tailoring all the necessary church policies to a South African church environment and making them available for churches to use for the benefit of their institutions. These policies are to support logical practise and effective management of local churches. They act as a tool and guideline to the daily operations of a church and will assist in instilling accountability, transparency and efficiency.

Project Templates

Planning and executing projects is a lot of work and hence we offer to help by providing project templates that can help save time, costs and improve on quality. Although adapted to suit FBO’s and NPO’s these templates can be used by anyone hoping to start and finish projects efficiently.

Financial Templates

Financial Management is a pivotal tool to running a successful organization. We have made available financial templates and policies to make recordings and financial measurements simpler and easily accessible. The templates are user friendly so that everyone can be able to understand and thus apply them in the workplace or for personal use.

Statutory Templates

We believe that abiding by the law and applying due diligence protects the organization from unwanted consequences. Hence, we have made available legal templates to assist with drafting contracts, non-disclosure agreements and many other legal resources that can be used to achieve transparency, protection and sustainability.

Organizational Structure

An organizational structure defines how activities such as task allocation, coordination and supervision are directed towards the achievement of organizational objectives. This provides clarity and accountability of functions and responsibilities within an organization. All this is freely available to those wanting to apply them in their own work environment.

Corporate Member Human Resources Support

Knowledge Portal

Our objective is to make available online Self-Study, Life Hacks and Coaching Materials to users in their native language, to provide accelerated learning experiences and motivate self-edification efforts.

We host links and mentorship regarding free download libraries and educational materials as part of our online knowledge portal project.

Health Portal

We create awareness and provide access to various online applications such as Medical Symptom Checkers, Alternative Treatment Options, Support Forums and access to counselling services.

Our MOC Dames also provides a set of simple corporate employee Visitation Guidelines that provide useful patient visitation insights to those entities that may find them useful.

Jobs Portal

ACCSA corporate members are maintaining a pilot Human Capital Development and Support website intended to benefit all of our members and their communities. We invite you to browse through their current vacancies and apply for any position that you may qualify for.

Vodacom E-School Resources

Vodacom E-School is an online educational portal, providing educational content matched to the South African School Curriculum. Offering Grades R- 12.

We are working towards making various online educational resources and applications available to those that wish to use them to assist Home, Community or Christian school projects.

Student Funding Initiative

Feenix is a crowdfunding platform that helps South African students raise funds towards their education. Feenix is sponsored by Standard Bank, which means that they are able to keep the administrative cost paid by the donor relatively low.