ACCSA is committed to providing resources and platforms that will assist in equipping individuals of various ages with relevant knowledge and expertise that will yield positive results in their lives and inherently, that of their communities. Our various learning platforms are designed to teach, enlighten, upskill and harness an individual’s developmental needs. We cater for the learning requirements of children from the early age of 2 years, provide administrative resources for organizations, offer adult learning opportunities, children’s church material, counselling courses and numerous other educational tools. Our vision is to create, facilitate and encourage a culture of purposeful and ongoing learning.


ACCSA and its partners benefit from the existing structure and history of St Marks School, our pilot partnership, which provides an ideal blueprint and testing environment for many of our digital initiatives. 

Administrative Resources

Systems are an important part of running effective and efficient organizations; hence we have made policies and other administrative templates available to all in need of operational support. 

Our free online templates include Human Resources Management policies, statutory templates as well as other tools availed to assist your organization in establishing the right operational foundations.

Creche Learning Programmes

Children are the hope of the generations to come, and are receptive to learn as we prepare them for their journey of becoming tomorrow’s leaders. 

We have dedicated our time and resources to creating and modifying educational content for children between 3 and 5 years of age. Pre-school learners are fun and always eager to learn, such that our learning programmes are educationally stimulating, easy to understand and a whole lot of fun. Our programmes are made available through digital streaming and coordinated with teachers to ensure that we provide the right material at the age-appropriate level. These include music, art and other early childhood development learning content.

Little Flowers Creche Educational Programmes

In 2018 we had the privilege of working with creches in Motherwell and Little Flowers is one of the pre-school institutions we have built a solid relationship with. 

They will become the first early childhood learning recipients of our DSP (Digital Signage Platform) educational content. Nompumelelo, the founder of the creche, has excitedly welcomed the relationship and believes it will assist her immensely with her daily teaching activities. The DSP in the crèche will also be used for various learning programmes targeted at youth and adult learning. Our relationship with Little Flowers Creche is one that will benefit the Motherwell community by empowering them with a vast selection of programmes to develop knowledge and learning.

Adult Learning

We are working on QCTO accredited material that will be freely available to unemployed community members, to afford them the relevant skills needed to gain a competitive advantage in the labour market. 

The classes and learning programs will be conducted in various locations utilising our Community DSP centres with the aim of benefiting the township community the most. We have compiled a variety of learning programs such as Christian Religious Professional and Christian Religious Worker and Auxiliary Social Worker with many others to follow in the future. The adult learning programs include free entrepreneurial workshops to provide community members with the necessary skills to run sustainable businesses in the quest to boosting the township economy. Our aim is to facilitate and encourage continuous learning using education as a tool to unlocking solutions to the ills of society.

Children’s Church

The future belongs to our children and what better way to ensure that the right foundations are built than through children’s church.

We have compiled fun and informative children’s church material which is freely available to all. This is our contribution to ensuring that every child between the ages of 3 and 12 years is given an opportunity to learn about the Gospel of Christ whilst young so that they grow up to become character conscious adults. The various learning programs are designed to suit the learning capacity of each age group and can be illustrated uniquely by those who make use of them. Our mission is to simplify early Christian childhood learning while assisting with the retention of an authentic Truth.

Counselling Manual

The world is a troubled place and our daily lives are filled with challenges we wish to overcome.

We know this because we too are human beings with the daily practise of navigating through life’s most painful lessons. Learning how to deal with these is a continuous process that requires intention and effort. This is why, from decades of counselling experience, we have developed a user-friendly counselling manual for organizations and individuals willing and able to embark on counselling their staff, church and community members. The manual is freely available to all wishing to access it and will be a valuable tool in helping others deal and overcome the challenges we cannot control but can influence with the right coping and healing tools.